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Company Overview

Royal Real Estate and Builders Pvt. Limited

Pakistan’s leading construction companies with over 2 decades

Having invaluable experience and expertise in construction and development of civil, steel fabrication and land development works.

We carry out all aspects of construction and development projects, from planning to finish.

CEO Message

 Being associated with the construction profession, I always had a desire to establish a construction company strong enough to curb many of the prevalent ill practices such as time and cost overruns, quality lapses and other malpractices associated with the profession.

 With these objectives, the formation of Royal Real Estate & Builders Pvt. Limited came into being. Simultaneously there was a desperate desire to get a space in the market with recognition and admiration on the basis of performance alone. As a company that is re-writing the future through construction, providing fast-track services alongside operating sustainability is central to our mission. Timely completion has always been a dream for the clients in general and in this fast-paced world we ensured that our dedicated and untiring team of workers and staff have the skills to innovate and meet our clients’ needs. Almighty helped us and very soon the committed hard work started paying off with Royal Real Estate & Builders Pvt. Limited completing numerous projects either on-time or even earlier.

 I am thankful to my staff and workers and hereby acknowledge their hard work. I also take this opportunity to pledge that I and the Royal Real Estate & Builders Pvt. Limited team will endeavor to devote our full efforts to exceed our clients’ expectations and ultimately impact Pakistan’s economy in positive, meaningful ways.

 Irfan Shahid Waseer


 RREB Pvt. Limited

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